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the Story*

In the beginning the concept of Brexit was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
This is not that story.
Although it would be hard to untangle that mess from this one.

How To Secede in Life was a project born out of a fundamental disconnect between an individual,
and the geographically-defined entities they supposedly belonged to, by default of their birth.

Following a succession of disappointing political engagements, during the second decade of the 21st Century;
it became clear that there was no direct translation of the make-up of the societies of the United Kingdom
and the political system underpinning it's day-to-day operation.

And it was becoming increasingly difficult to effect change on a national or even local level,
due to the fact that a system of one in 65 million, does not give that one person sufficient voice.
Whereas a system of one in one, does.

And so, the Ministry of GINGER was established to become the new entity for that one person to belong.

* With initial apologies to Douglas Adams
All Things Ministry of GINGER © Daniel Stead 0.agenesis