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Department of Space and Time

Overview and Principles

This department is primarily responsible for the 28-year cycle calendar the Ministry operates under,
as well as the investigation of all Space external of the Ministry.

Calendar Conversion

Today's Date (MoGian Calendar):

AKA (Gregorian Calendar):

Conversion from Gregorian to MoGian:

The MoGian Calendar

Rather than following the Gregorian calendar which collates approximately 365 into a year;
the Ministry recognises there is no strict need for a fixed start and end 'date' of each year,
as long as the guiding principles of a calendar are clearly understood.

To that end, our calendar is based on the 7 day week structure, and breaks down a year into 7 blocks of 7 weeks (standard time),
plus two weeks over the Western Christmas period and a further week surrounding the founder's birthday (exceptional time).
Furthermore, every 5 or 6 years there is an additional week required (awkward time) to bring the sequence of weeks
closer to the number of weeks taken for a typical solar circuit by the Earth around the Sun.

The MoGian Calendar format is established as follows:

day . series | year . epoch

A day is a count from 1-49 in normal time for each of the 7 series per year.
In exceptional and awkward time, this count will be either 1-14 (during yule) and 1-7 (during dan and awkward).
A structure of 7 days (Monday through to Sunday) is still referred to as a week.

There are 7 series in normal time, in order: anew, bystander, celestial, descent, ebb, future and gorilla.
There are 2 series in exceptional time, namely: yule and dan.
Across the 28 year calendar cycle (known as an 'epoch'), the 5th, 11th, 16th, 22nd and 28th years
carry an additional week/series at their end - namely awkward time.

The 28-year epoch carries a unique name; the first epoch being agenesis.
Subsequent epoch names will be announced in due course.

Year Zero

Put simply, everything that happened prior to the commencement of the MoGian Calendar (Gregorian Calendar date 1st April 2019),
occured in 'Year Zero'.

As an example, this website was created prior to the 1st of Anew (Year 1 of Agenesis),
so the Copyright notice at the bottom refers to Year 0 of Agenesis.